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The Desire to have a Child ABC
(Lexicon / Glossary)


The Desire to have a Child from A to Z

Here you can search for any unfamiliar terms on the subject of the desire to have a child or reproductive medicine.


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Explanation of term


Method of viewing the womb

Idiopathic sterility

Intracytoplasmatish Sperm Injection. During the course of test tube fertilisation, a single sperm cell is injected into an egg cell and thus fertilisation occurs. Used in cases of low sperm quality.


"Idiopathic" refers to anything which cannot be explained by doctors. In this case it therefore means: sterility without a clear diagnosis (despite thorough examination), affects c. 30% of couples. It is then assumed that the cause of unwanted childlessness is immunological or biochemical.


Treatment in cases of recurring miscarriage or repeated unsuccessful embryo transfer. If it has been proven or suspected that a misdirected immune system is the cause of the recurring miscarriages, then this measure is taken in order to improve conditions.


Study of organism`s defences and reactions


Location of production of an important hormone for metabolism (glucocorticoid, like cortisol) and the mineral balance of the body (mineralocorticoid, like aldosterone). In addition, produces pre-stage androgen.

In Vitro Fertilisation

e.g of the embryo in the endometrium

In Vitro Fertilisation

Egg cells are extracted from the ovaries following hormonal stimulation treatment (follicle puncture) and are brought together with prepared sperm outside the body in a receptacle (in vitro). In ideal cases, fertilisation of one or more egg cells occurs and also the further development to one or more embryos. A maximum of three embryos are then transferred back into the womb and can implant themselves there.


Literally translated: test tube fertilisation. Shortened form: IVF


Women who have only one X-chromosome, usually goes hand in hand with infertility (chromosomes)


Means sterility, barrenness. In medical terms, the inability to have a living child despite the ability to become pregnant (recurring miscarriage)


Injection of sperm into the womb. This takes place usually after the sperm have been specially prepared (swim up)

Insulin resistance

Important hormone, produced in the pancreas, which helps to process sugar

Intratubal insemination.

Inability of the body`s cells to react to insulin. This leads to a compensatory increase in the distribution of insulin, often together with PCO-syndrome.


The sperm are injected into the fallopian tubes after having been prepared


Intrauterine insemination. The sperm are injected into the womb following preparation of the ejaculate.


Meaning 'In-Vitro-Fertilisation'. Which actually means "fertilisation in a test tube" or test-tube fertilisation. The sperm and egg cell are brought together outside the female body and the egg cells are fertilised naturally by the sperm. An embryo results that can then be transferred into the womb.



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