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The Desire to have a Child ABC
(Lexicon / Glossary)


The Desire to have a Child from A to Z

Here you can search for any unfamiliar terms on the subject of the desire to have a child or reproductive medicine.


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Explanation of term

Maldescensus testis

Corpus luteum weakness


Undescended testicles


The menopause is referred to when the last regular monthly period occurred more than one year ago. Statistically this takes place at the age of around 50.


Period bleeding


Death of the fruit early on in the pregnancy

Missed abortion

Microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration. Extraction of sperm from the epididymis through an operation


A miscarriage that has not yet been expelled


Meaning, in the broadest sense, "appearance". In particular in a spermiogram, this term is used to describe the appearance of single sperm. It is thus possible to draw conclusions as to the functional ability of the sperm cells.


Embryo that produces berry-like cell clumps after a few days morula stadium


Mobility. Mostly meaning the mobility of the sperm and is a criterion of the spermiogram. Is divided into fixed and progressive motility. In the latter, the speed of progressive motility is observed. In asthenozoospermia, progressive motility is limited.


Medroxyprogesteronacetate. A synthetic luteal hormone


See cervical secretion


If this childhood disease occurs after puberty it can be accompanied by inflammation of the testes and can damage the cells that produce sperm

Myome nucleation

Benign, knotted growth in the womb musculature


Operative scraping out of a myome



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