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Quality Management (QM) for Patients and Doctors


The fertility centre operates strictly by the rules of modern medical quality management. This adherence to a philosophy of quality in our practice results in basic advantages for our patients, which we would like further explain to you under the rubric “Patients”.


In the following points, we would like to provide information to those of you who have already looked into the subject of Quality Management, or to those who are just starting to do so:



Which advantages exist for patients as a result of the Quality Management at Dr. Hannen`s and Dr. Stoll`s joint practice?

At the end of the day, who assesses the quality of a product, service or treatment?
The customer, the patient! Our patient!! That`s why our Quality Management is constantly geared towards service and giving competent advice.
The patient and his/her treatment are always of utmost importance to us!
This is revealed in the guiding principles of our philosophy of quality:

Quality Philosophy of the Kinderwunschzentrum Berlin (Fertility Centre Berlin):

  1. No waiting times, our own hormone laboratory with satisfied patients:
    As doctors and owners of a medical practice, it is of particular importance to us to care for our patients with a high level of medical quality through medical practice procedures, timing and work processes that are run quickly, efficiently and with the most up-to-date scientific methods. We want to achieve this goal to an optimum level with the highest possible degree of responsibility through our own medical practice laboratory – and to thus have satisfied patients.

  2. Avoiding and Correcting Errors:
    The following principle is at the forefront of all activities: avoid errors rather than correct errors. Here, all basic aspects of the Quality Management system come into play. We therefore ensure that all necessary instructions are followed.

  3. Flexibility and Service:
    Flexibility and service are two core aspects of our philosophy. We take into account all specific medical circumstances and all lawful and medically sound wishes of our patients. A further noteworthy aspect of our service is that we react quickly to the wishes and concerns of our patients and are constantly at their side in emergencies.

  4. Satisfaction of Patients and Employees through continuous Improvement Programme
    The practice commits itself to high quality standards for the well-being of its patients and personnel. Joint goals are: the highest possible patient, sender and employee satisfaction with the best medical, scientific, economic and organizational practices. All those who work in the practice are committed to the continuous improvement process.

  5. Best Possible Documentation:
    Of absolute necessity is that the documentation in the practice is of an excellent standard, that obligatory continuous checks are made and that we constantly pose ourselves questions.

  6. Duty of all Employees to Attain the General Goals of the Practice
    It is the duty of both employer and employee to ensure that a gynaecological practice, which specializes in fertility treatment with andrology, hormone and IVF laboratories, is run at such a high medical, scientific, economic and, above all, human level, that patients and employees feel extremely comfortable and are happy to recommend us.

  7. Patient Questionnaires and External Quality Examiners:
    Furthermore, diligence, hard work, taking the initiative and thinking independently as well as continuous improvements made by the employees should add to the further development of the medical practice. The entire development in addition to the company culture should be continuously developed and improved upon through the entire medical practice team, patient questionnaires and external quality examiners.

  8. Environmental Protection
    We pay particular attention to the issue of environmental protection in all of our thinking and activities. From purchasing to disposal, we ensure that the environment is taken into consideration



Why does the introduction of a Quality Management system in the area of medicine (for example ISO 9001 with certification) make sense?

Quality Management has many advantages. Quality Management or, indeed, Total Quality Management (TQM) has already been successfully used for over a decade in all areas of industry. Every company, organization and medical practice can structure its procedures better and more efficiently and improve the quality of products and services, as well as the satisfaction of customers, patients and employees, through various forms of Quality Management. The introduction of a Quality Management System (QMS) is an investment in the future which takes time at first but improves many aspects of the practice in the mid-term. The costs are thus quickly amortised.

It was for exactly this reason that, after 10 months of intense preparation, we here at the joint practice of Dr. Hannen and Dr. Stoll became the first gynaecological practice in Berlin to gain a DIN EN ISO 9001 certification, including hormone laboratory, IVF/ICSI-laboratory, andrological and cryo laboratory, in addition to carrying out out-patient operations.

General Information on the Subject of Quality Management in Medical Practices

Quality Management has been obligatory since 01.01.2005!

135a Social Law Book (Quality Assurance Obligation)

  • (1) The service provider is obliged to ensure the guarantee of and continuous development of the quality of the services which he offers. The services must be in accordance with the respective level of scientific knowledge for that service and must be delivered in the subject-specific quality offered.
  • (2) Contract doctors, authorised hospitals and providers of care services or rehabilitation measures are, according to §§ 136a, 136b, 137 und 137d, obliged to take part in total (throughout the entire facility) quality assurance measures, which have the particular aim of improving end quality. Authorised hospitals, stationary care facilities and stationary rehabilitation facilities are, according to §§ 137 und 137d, obliged to introduce and develop internal Quality Management.

The advantages of Quality Management and, in particular, the potential for cost reduction, led to the Minster of Health to declare the following resolution for all medical institutions in Germany, at the 72nd Health Conference:

  • All medical institutions (including medical practices) must document the quality of their services in annual quality reports and publish these in an appropriate form, before 01.01.2003
  • All medical institutions must introduce a Quality Management which is oriented to the latest scientific and technical standards, before 01.01.2005

Fees will be affected by quality level.
Furthermore, included in the aforementioned resolution is that the service provider (including doctors) shall be paid according to the quality provided and those, that continuously fail to meet the quality requirements will be removed from the medical list.

Introduction of a Quality Management System and Certification

One possible method of introducing an appropriate Quality Managment System is the norm DIN EN ISO 9000 ff. This describes the organizational requirements for the implementation and maintenance of high quality procedures. Detailed documentation of these procedures ensures the transparency necessary to be able to directly communicate the reasons for any deviations which may occur.

The joint practice of Dr. Hannen and Dr. Stoll would like to impart the knowledge and experience that it has gained through the certification to interested colleagues, in the form of training and to give assistance in preparing for certification.

Cheaper Insurance Premiums through reduced Risk of Liability

  • Reduction of Liability Risk through better, more structured documentation and qualified description of work-procedures
  • Protection against patient-regression due to outdated practice procedures
  • Avoidance of error and thus no debt for the organisation
  • In addition, the training rules set down in the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung (KV) (German equivalent of National Health Doctors`Association) in § 81 SGB V apply to contract doctors

Qualified, trained employees

  • Good atmosphere in the practice through clearly-defined competencies and motivated employees
  • Qualification and Training of Employees

Marketing Advantages::

  • Certification-logo for advertising purposes
  • Competence and transparency in the marketplace

Cost reduction and improved efficiency

  • Savings through optimised organisational procedures
  • Allocation of resources to the advantage of the patient

Legal Requirements

  • Legal requirements for medical quality assurance are achieved (§§ 135 ff. SGB V and guidelines § 92 SGB V)
  • The measures for ensuring the quality of the medical practice as laid down by the Medical Association are carried out
  • bBetter starting point for negotiations with KV and networks

Advantage of introducing a Quality Management System in the medical practice

Improved practice organization and practice procedures

  • Continuous improvement of processes and products
  • Complete, continuous documentation
  • Organisation run with specific targets
  • Continual improvement process
  • Comprehensible practice procedures
  • Further development of methods
  • International recognition, also from foreign health services


From winter 2001 onwards, regular training events on the topic of “Quality Management in the Area of Medicine”, that have been certified and recommended by the Bundesakademie of Frauenärzte (equivalent National Academy of Gynaecologists), are planned in the joint practice of Dr. Hannen and Dr. Stoll.

The topics are:

  • Welcoming the patient
  • Laboratory doctors`assistants
  • Explanations to patients
  • Sterile equipment
  • Cleaning and hygiene plan
  • Description of workplace
  • Accounting
  • Ordering and receiving of goods
  • Data protection
  • Reminder lists
  • Quality Management
  • Employees
  • Environmental protection
  • Training Plan

Please contact ISOconcept med-consult GmbH regarding training dates:
Tel: +49 (0) 30 - 26 39 83 15
Mobile : +49 (179) 69 42 696


Our practice`s progress report with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification


DIN: Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.
EN: europäische Norm (European Standard)
ISO: International Organization for Standardization


Dr. Hannen has been a registered gynaecologist with an additional „Psychotherapie“ qualification since 1997. Dr. Stoll has been a valued member of the practice team since January 2007, as a registered gynaecologist and practice partner. He joined in order to attend to the continuously growing base of patients.

The emphasis lies upon the implementation of various modern procedures of fertility treatment, including test-tube baby methods, insemination and ICSI. Included in the spectrum of our practice in Berlin are our two operation theatres for outpatient operations, which are necessary in fertility treatment. In addition, our practice has its own hormone laboratory.

Dr. Hannen and his employees have developed and introduced a Quality Management System as per DIN EN ISO 90001 in order to optimise practice procedures and to support Dr. Hannen´s own close critical view.

"Quality Management will become obligatory!"

In June 1999, the 72nd Health Conference decided to make it obligatory for all registered doctors to introduce Quality Management. The Minister of Health decided that this would take place in two stages.

    1. Stage: All medical institutions (medical practices) document the quality of their services in annual quality reports and publish these in an appropriate form, before 01.01.2003. Afterwards they are obliged to introduce comprehensive Quality Management.

    2. Stage: All medical institutions introduce a Quality Management System which is oriented to the latest scientific and technical standards, before 01.01.2005

Which advantages does a Quality Management System offer?

Patient-oriented Practice
It goes without saying that the needs, wishes and concerns of the patient are of utmost importance. As a result of the introduction of a QM-System to our practice, we are able to systematically understand and channel the requirements of our patients, as well as to attain a continuously improved quality in terms of practice procedures. Furthermore, the aforementioned legal requirements for Quality Management are fulfilled.

Structured Working Procedures
The procedures which are described within the Quality Management System are laid down in such a way that external parties can gain an impression of the expected practice quality at any time.

Our Practice`s Progress Report with Certification as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

Practice Flexibility
During analysis processes, the clear, non-ambiguous presentation of the individual working procedures, as well as their auditability, help with the early recognition of potential errors and the avoidance of these. Furthermore, continuous and flexible change processes exist to optimize structures and procedures.

Continuous Optimisation
The employees at the practice – doctors, doctors` assistants, laboratory employees, cleaners etc. – all play an active part in change processes, regular internal information exchange and audits (examinations of the system, procedures and services are some examples of these). Audits help to establish if the actual practice procedures reflect the documented practice procedures and if changes are necessary in order to optimize practice procedures.

Continuous Training
A high level of employee motivation is attained through selective further training, inclusion of employees in optimisation processes and other stimuli. This employee motivation leads to a positive atmosphere in the practice, of which the patient is aware as soon as he/she enters the practice.

Minimisation of Waiting Times
It is important that the patient does not spend too much unnecessary waiting time in the clinic. In the documentation of the QM-System, there are clear descriptions related to the avoidance of long/unnecessary waiting times. I received proof of the introduction and function of my Quality Management System following the complete introduction of such a system with certification, through an accredited certification authority. This certification of my Quality Management System as per DIN EN ISO 9001 is internationally recognized.

Which advantages does a QM-System offer the Doctor as Company Manager?

Highest Possible Level of Patient Satisfaction
From a business point of view, a QM-System tailored to the practice offers the management prerequisites needed to attain the highest level of lasting patient satisfaction, which leads to a continuously growing patient base. The satisfaction of the patient is seen through an increasing, positive level of awareness of the practice, which, together with the DIN EN ISO certificate, leads to a real marketing advantage, as early experience already shows.

Reduction of Costs
In order to maintain these advantages in the future, we regularly examine and optimise our work procedures, for example through audits. As a result, inefficient procedures that lead to patient dissatisfaction or unnecessary additional costs can be identified and thus avoided.

Minimisation of Liability Risks

Last but not least, the guarantee of a certain quality of service leads to a reduced risk of liability and thus to cheaper insurance premiums, as the type of service is clear from the outset.


Due to our positive experience with the introduction and certification of a QM-System tailored to our fertility centre, I support the implementation of QM-Systems in doctors` practices. I would like to encourage other doctors to use the advantages of a Quality Management System in their own practices.

  ISO 9001 ISO9001


QM for Patients: :

QM for Doctors:



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